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For Sale


Max-D Hollands

Pending: A serious inquiry has been made and we are awaiting deposit. Inquiries are still taken on that bunny. If sale does not go through, the next person in line will be notified and the bunny will be relisted as for sale. 
Hold: A deposit has been made. If sale is not completed, next in line will be notified and the bunny will be relisted as for sale.
Sold: Full payment has been made and pick up has been scheduled or completed.

Lop N Mop "Kix"
Proven Black Senior Buck
1 GC leg
DOB 5/22/06

Pet bunnies generally start at $30 but that may change at any time as they mature. Show and  brood are $45+. Prices can change as the bunny matures, but once a deposit is on a bunny, the price quoted will not change. We may offer discounts for multiple bunnies as well as to youth and
4-H ers.
Please read our "Sales Policy" page before making any inquiries or placing deposits.
We do travel to PA, ME, NY, NJ and CT so if you are along our route, we may be able to meet for pick up on a bunny, so feel free to ask. We will also deliver bunnies to any show we are attending.
As of now, we plan to attend:
  Hamburg, PA March 21st
Rhinebeck, NY April 18th
Holland Nationals April 17-19th (York, PA)
North Haven, CT May 9th
Leesport, PA May 16th


Please put "Hollands" in the subject area of your e-mail.
Thank You!

Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.

Psalm 115:1.

All pictures are the property of Max-D Hollands and should not be copied or used without our consent.
Thank you.